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Dear Customer:

We thank you for choosing Salamat Financial Services, and we look forward to serving you. If you are in North America, and wish to conduct business with Salamat Financial Services, you will need to open a new customer or new business account. Once the account is set up, you will be able to start your transactions. For your convenience, a user name and password will be provided. This will allow you to log into your account online to view and track your transactions.
All forms needed to open a new account can be found below. All of the online forms are secure and meet the highest security standards. The information you provide is sent with a strong encryption and precise authentication (SSL 128Bits Certificate).

Forms to open a new account:
Click on this link if you are a person living in North America and want to become a customer of Salamat Financial Services.

Click on this link if you are a business within North America and want to have an account with Salamat Financial Services.

If you need Salamat Financial Services to deposit/transfer funds into your personal bank account, please complete this form.

Forms to add a contact outside of North America:

These forms allow you to add information, to your account, regarding your beneficiary (person you are sending money to/receiving money from) located outside of North America.

In order to add your beneficiary’s information to your account please complete this form.
If you need Salamat Financial Services to deposit funds into your beneficiary’s personal bank account please complete this form.

Forms for Agents:

Agents who are working with Salamat Financial Services need to complete the following form. If you are a business, which is interested in becoming an agent, please contact us and we will be glad to inform you of the procedures.

Agent Agreement - If you are already an agent and wish to conduct a transaction with Salamat Financial Services, please complete this form.

If you live outside North America and wish to send funds to/from North America please have your party who lives in North America complete a customer form.



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